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The town my husband grew up in still has not reached the modern age.  They are deficient, as far as I am aware, of a proper coffee shop.  It reaches a point of desperation every visit now as a longingly look out our car window hoping for a coffee spot to appear on our drive in.  One morning while lamenting my sorrows to a home brew, I discovered an acceptable alternative.  I am certain this particular idea has occurred to someone in the past.  But for me it was a stroke of sheer genius.


I could start every morning with a Venti Dark Mocha with extra Whip.  And I do more mornings than I would like to admit.  Most days it is just a Tigger mug that holds 4 cups of Community Coffee and stevia sweetened half and half. (Now you know why Tigger bouces!)  But when we are away from home, I don’t know about you, but I want the extra comfort of my favorite things.  Alas, coffee not being available in hubby’s old stompin’ grounds,  I took a risk and it panned out.   The Poor Man’s Mocha was born for me that day.


Poor Man’s Mocha

8 oz of any coffee brewed to your liking

one serving of hot chocolate mix




The mix covers a multitude of sins from poorly brewed coffee and is fairly consistent in flavor.  The best part to me about this concoction is it is perfect for hotel stays.  They usually have these fixing’s available on the breakfast bar. Even in the smallest of towns.  Though I have been know to make this at home a time or two (or three – who is counting anyway – Don’t judge me).  I typically limit myself to one serving because I am forced to see the nutritional information on the box of Swiss Miss as I pop it open.  Not that it is worse for me than my typical order, I just have the opportunity to see the price value of the Venti on the menu and not the calories. If I do enjoy this in my Tigger mug, I use 2 packets of cocoa and 4 cups of coffee.


So the next time you are faced with needing your coffee house fix, without the availability, try this out and you may be pleasantly surprised.

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My passion is to help families find their way back to family time and have thriving businesses. To allow themselves to get caught up in the moment of playing in the leaves because they have the financial side of their lives under control. I pray that you find value in this information and that you lead rich and fulfilled lives. With Love and Coffee, Shanda

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