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Dear Reader

We understand that having the entrepreneurial business you desire takes hard work and dedication. Likewise, having the personal life you want takes equally as much hard work and dedication. Here at Let’s Talk Logistics, we want to help you navigate the waters of your professional and personal life successfully at the same time. Whether you are a Work-from-Home-Mom/Dad, have a Brick and Mortar Business, or home based business, it is possible to achieve balance between the two sides of the same coin that is your life.

Our Principles


We want to make your small business or working from home easier and more profitable. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, it’s about learning how to leverage your time and resources to find the extra time and money in life.


No man is an island. Incredible relationships are the basis for an outstanding life. We all must search out ways to move away from “work” and move toward the people and activities we care about.


Living a life of abundance by simple means. Being able to give more, accomplish more, and just be more for those we love. Eliminating all the fluff and excess, bringing life back to what is most important to truly living. Doing something everyday, every hour, that brings you closer to the person you know you can be. Being able to go to bed every night knowing a day of memories was created. Gone are the days when it is acceptable to live your life at the office.

We believe in living a life of design – not reaction. We believe in family and community. We believe in working from rest and taking time for others. We believe in simplifying to have more. And we believe in you.


We strive for no-nonsense, resource based, information. Our goal is to inspire you to find your passion and have the time in your day-to-day life to do those things that enrich you.


Our information is designed to be a stepping stone in the right direction.


Our Passion is to help you live your Passion. We are committed to helping families create a home life and business income so they can enjoy life on a level most people do not even know is possible.


So dive into our resources. Let us know what you think. We look forward to helping you live life to the fullest in a simplest way.

My Wish For You

I want to assist you in the journey of finding a life worth living on your way to achieving financial success in your business.

It is no secret that business ownership is a 24/7 endeavor, and finding a personal life worth living amidst the chaos of your financial statements may seem daunting.

I am here to tell you both your personal and professional lives can live harmoniously. Success in both can be right around the corner for you.

About Me

I am a wife and mother of two young children. I am a firm believer that a parents #1 job is to be a parent. My ideal day is playing with my kids, exploring this vast world, and building relationships of importance with people across the globe.


With 15 years experience in small business management, working directly with children and their parents, I have seen the true importance of family. I know first hand the sacrifices a person makes when they are in business for themselves. And vice versa, the sacrifices families make in pursuit of that career.  I additionally have 6 years experience in direct marketing, and have worked extensively with volunteer and 501c3 organizations.


My passion is to help families find their way back to family time and have thriving businesses. To allow themselves to get caught up in the moment of playing in the leaves because they have the financial side of their lives under control.


I pray that you find value in this information and that you lead rich and fulfilled lives.


With Love and Coffee,



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Have a question or want me to give you a call?  Just leave me a message and I will personally get in touch with you.  Thanks for stopping by!!